Hello all of you out there in poetry land

I write today to ask you for your time and energy to help us make the first ever STIR Poetry Festival a great success. It is a fact that we could not provide great shows and events without the help and support of many of you within the community. The success of National Poetry Slam 2005 highlights this ten-fold. Without you none of it would be possible. Be poet or just plain poetry lover, we need you all. Volunteer duties will consist of running errands, advertisment, compliling of programs, ushers, working the door, working merchandise tables and more. I should have more details for you all as we get closer. If you are at all interested in donating your time you may respond to me at my email address which is posetajux at yahoo dot com (and which is here written out in spam prevention lingo). Include your name, email, phone number, and address.
I guarantee Volunteers get the best incentives!
Jasmine Cuffee

STIR, Volunteer Coordinator

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